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Anyone still here? [4.1.09 / 1521]

Hello. I reserved my smart car and am waiting waiting waiting. I saw this community and wanted to say hello. :)

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Jay Leno test drives a Smart [10.9.08 / 0749]


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Smart Car Rally in San Francisco [18.8.08 / 1434]


Yesterday, The Dude (Front, left) attended a Smart Car rally held on Lombard St in San Franciso. It is, admittedly, nicer looking than a brewery parking lot.

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Redman Cruising in a Smart [15.8.08 / 0807]


NSFW due to language.

What would Method say?

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[8.4.08 / 2151]

Anyone want to take over modship of this community? I'm trying to shrink the number of communities I moderate.

If there's no response to this post, I'm going to close this community in 24 hours.


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Smart in Russia! [22.1.07 / 1626]

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Smar-party in Russia, Moscow! Every week russian smart-man and smart-woman meet in centre of Moscow - Red Square. Photo:

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You know, I've been planning to get a Wii [23.11.06 / 1116]


That's a nice paint job on the Smart, too.

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Smart Gatherings in Canada [23.5.06 / 2048]

Via TheSmart.ca:

In The DaVinci Code, Sophie Neveu and Robert Langdon flee the Louvre in her smart fortwo, following clues to reveal a stunning historical truth.

Opening May 19, the film version of Dan Brown's 'The Da Vinci Code' was created by director Ron Howard, producer Brian Grazer, and scriptwriter Akiva Goldsman, the OSCAR-winning team behind 'A Beautiful Mind.' The movie features a star-studded cast including double Academy Award winner Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou, Jean Reno, Sir Ian McKellen, Alfred Molina, and Paul Bettany.

On May 27, there's another opportunity for you to take part in a smart/Da Vinci event -- smart gatherings in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal. These gatherings will give you a chance to mingle with smart owners and specialists. Events will be held at the following locations starting around 1:00pm:

Ron Basford Park, Granville Island
1661 Duranleau Street
Vancouver, B.C. V6H 3S3

The Boiler House Complex, The Distillery District
55 Mill Street, Building #46
Toronto, Ont. M5A 3C4

Montreal Science Centre
Perspective 235 Room
333, De La Commune Street West
Montreal, Que. H2Y 2E2

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Smart Photoshop Funnies [8.1.06 / 1215]

atomiks sent me this page with a while bunch of photoshop mods to some smarts.

It's English/German bilingual. Neat little thingy. I like the Playmobil one; is that a real toy?

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[6.1.06 / 1400]

So, I'm an American who's fallen in love with the smart fortwo coupe. As far as I know, they're only available in Canada. True, Zap Motors is hoping to start selling them in September of '06, but some of us would be just as happy with a used one. So, is the best option to buy one from a Canadian used car lot? Are they available in Mexico (I live right on the US/Mexico border)? Also, anyone know what kind of conversions have to be donew to make them US street legal? If anyone knows the answers to these questions, it'd be great!

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Smart Times now Free on PDF [1.1.06 / 2116]

Smart Times magazine is now available for free online. You might need a Flash upgrade. There's a neat piece about a guy who took a Smart to Florida.

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What happens when... [24.11.05 / 1912]

You ram a Smart into a concrete wall at 120 klicks?

Look n' see.

Wow. I was filled with joy.

Danke a atomiks.

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6 weeks of happiness... [8.9.05 / 1659]

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Smart Fortwo 2005Collapse )

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[5.9.05 / 1055]


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[19.8.05 / 2051]

i've been a member fora while, but haven't actually posted anything...so here's mine and my boyfriend's* smart roadster:

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*we say it belongs to both of us, but i can't drive. however, he drives me places ;) lol

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Smarts together in Toronto [18.6.05 / 0030]

Some guys from Steamwhistle Brewery and Smart.MBCanada.com put together a Smart Rally at the Steamwhistle brewery last Sunday. YHB attended (a photo is at that link, YHB is front and right. The Smart is the silver & silver closest).

It was a great time, and there was beer and camraderie. I wish I'd had some food with me, honestly, but I often think that in church, so it doesn't really make it that strange an event.

The discussion thread may be found here.

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More SMART USA News [24.5.05 / 1041]

FRANKFURT (Reuters) - U.S. car customiser ZAP caused a stir on Tuesday by announcing it had ordered $1 billion worth of Smart minicars from DaimlerChrysler, but any deal seemed far from certain.

California-based ZAP, which modifies the Smart car to meet U.S. safety and emissions standards, acknowledged it was still awaiting confirmation that the order would be filled.

The German-American carmaker's Smart division, which does not sell the Smart itself in the world's biggest car market, said it was unaware of any such order.

DaimlerChrysler shares eased 0.3 percent to 32.40 euros by 0850 GMT, slightly bettering an 0.6 percent decline in the DJ Stoxx European car sector index.

"ZAP placed the purchase order directly to the DaimlerChrysler Group in an effort to expedite delivery of U.S. compliant Smart Cars to consumers. ZAP is still waiting for confirmation that smart GmbH will fulfil the purchase order," it said in a statement.

ZAP, which is completely independent from DaimlerChrysler, said it had placed the order after holding talks with Smart officials "to explore the possibility of working together to fill U.S. demand for the Smart Car."

Loss-making Smart has dropped plans to make a sport utility version of the quirky, snub-nosed urban car that was supposed to be its entry model for the U.S. market.

It has held out prospects of selling the next generation of the Smart in the U.S. market from the second half of 2007.

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[16.5.05 / 1335]


Comm moderator nazi/creator here.

After a post by shydarian which was little more than a not terribly clever way to get someone to look at a porn site (she is, I assume, a bot) the post has been deleted and she has been banned.

I'd like to repeat this sort of thing is not tolerated round here. Thanks.

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new here saying hello [16.5.05 / 0031]

hello all..
i live in germany and own a smart...i am in love with mine..

i have a 2000 cabrio pulse in black and silver...

i am trying to convience my husband to trade in for the roadster...i love the smart and it is nice to know adac as name it one of the safest autos on the road

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Whatta ride! [11.5.05 / 2316]

A discussion of a highway incident in Germany.

Smart meets Semi. Survived mostly intact, too.

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